Training and development

Elevate your team’s potential with Viva HR Consultancy’s Training and Development services. We create customized programs that enable your workforce, promoting growth and excellence. From leadership workshops to skills enhancement, we help develop your talent, cultivating a culture of ongoing improvement. Let us work together to shape your success story.

HR Analytics

Transform your workforce management with the power of HR Analytics. Viva HR Consultancy’s expert team empowers your business by harnessing data-driven insights to optimize recruitment, employee engagement, and retention strategies. Our tailored analytics solutions enable you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Experience improved efficiency and greater success with our cutting-edge HR Analytics expertise. Trust us to help you unlock the full potential of your workforce and drive your business to new heights.

Employee performance

Elevate your team’s potential with our Employee Performance solutions. Our expert consultants at Viva HR help you cultivate a culture of excellence. From performance evaluations to tailored development plans, we drive your workforce to achieve their best. Unlock your team’s true potential with Viva HR Consultancy today.

Leadership and front-line supervisor training

Elevate your team’s potential with Viva HR Consultancy’s bespoke Leadership and Front-line Supervisor Training. Our proven programs empower leaders to inspire and guide their teams effectively. Foster a culture of growth, resilience, and results. Invest in your leadership today for a brighter tomorrow.

Job description creation

Crafting compelling job descriptions is our expertise at Viva HR Consultancy. We meticulously outline your company’s unique needs, presenting them in a way that attracts top talent. Our team of seasoned HR professionals understands how to articulate your requirements, making your recruitment process smoother and more efficient.

Workplace assessments and audits

Are you looking to enhance your organization’s compliance and efficiency? Look no further than Viva HR Consultancy! Our team of experts specializes in conducting Workplace Assessments and Audits, meticulously analyzing your workplace environment to identify areas for improvement. We then implement tailored solutions to foster a safer, more productive workplace that meets all regulatory standards. With our guidance, you’ll be able to operate confidently, knowing that your organization is functioning at its best.

Recruitment and hiring-talent acquisition

“At Viva HR Consultancy, we excel in finding exceptional talent for your organization. Our Recruitment and Hiring – Talent Acquisition services are designed to help you build a team of top-notch professionals who perfectly fit your needs. With our expertise, we streamline the hiring process, saving you time and resources while ensuring you attract the best candidates for your business success.

Orientation and onboarding

At Viva HR Consultancy, we excel at streamlining your journey with our top-notch Orientation and Onboarding services. We understand that a smooth transition is crucial for both employers and employees. Our expert team ensures that you seamlessly integrate into your new role, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction from day one.

Employee policies

Explore Viva HR Consultancy’s comprehensive Employee Policies and services. We craft tailored HR policies that align with your organization’s goals and ensure compliance. Our expert team streamlines your HR processes, creating a conducive work environment while enhancing employee engagement. Elevate your workforce management with our dedicated consultancy.

Workforce diversity

Discover the Power of Workforce Diversity with Viva HR Consultancy! Elevate your team’s potential by embracing inclusivity. Our expert services foster diverse talent acquisition, training, and workplace culture, ensuring innovation and creativity thrive. We’re your partners in building a dynamic, equitable, high-impact workforce. Join the diversity revolution today!